File for Your Homestead Exemption

A Homestead Exemption is a reduction in homeowners' property taxes. The monetary amount for each homestead exemption is deducted from the assessed value. Once granted, this exemption is automatically renewed each year you continually occupy the home under the same ownership. The home must be your legal residence for all purposes including the registration of your vehicles and the filing of your Federal and Georgia income tax return.

*You cannot file for a homestead exemption on a rental property, vacant land, or on more than one property.*

If you closed on your primary residence in 2020, the deadline to file is in either April or March 2021 depending on your county. Check your county listed below!

You may need these to file

  • Warranty deed book and page
  • Proof of residence
  • Social security number
  • Driver's license with correct home address
  • Car tag information

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